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Wyoming Issues are American Issues.

Americans want nothing more than their freedom to live, love, work and raise their children in their own way. The biggest issues faced by Americans, not just in Wyoming but across the United States of America, are assaults against our Constitutional Rights including our most basic protections from tyranny.


Corruption in our cities, counties, states, and country is a result of the failure (and sometimes refusal) of Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers to enforce Constitutional and Codified Law.

In this Nation of Laws, laws are enforced selectively to allow some criminals, and their friends or family, to act badly with impunity. In other cases false charges are filed where law enforcers know that no crime has occurred, either to generate revenue through exorbitant fines or simply to intimidate citizens. The behavior of these Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers is inline with any other Organized Crime Syndicate on Earth: "Open your mouth and your family will pay for it."

At the same time, Law Enforcement Agencies and individual Officers overstep their bounds with impunity. Americans from all walks of life are falsely prosecuted, meaning that police will file charges which they know are false (including crimes which they know did not occur) and will commit outright perjury to support it. The federal felonies these "law enforcers" commit is proven by body camera footage. Body camera footage is then prevented from being displayed in court, by prosecutors and judges who knowingly suborn perjury and engage in more blatant forms of judiciary fraud, using arguments such that: "Video footage is 'hearsay' as opposed to physical evidence." In case the reader is unaware of what 'hearsay' really is, it is when a "witness" testifies to what they were told by a third party, rather than what they saw and heard with their own eyes and ears. This has been allowed to happen at the local level, under the, "better you than me," philosophy, and it has spread through counties to states and the federal level.

Elected bodies, and individual politicians, support the bad behavior of Law Enforcement Agencies because they will use that very criminal behavior to punish anyone who publicly disagrees with them. City Councils, Mayors, County Commissioners, and more are guilty of participating in this.

These same elected bodies and officials hold illegal meetings (and decide how they will cast their votes in secret), thereby evading Citizen and Voter Commentary in their decision-making. Then any vote which occurs in the public view is merely notification to the citizens rather than a legitimately Democratic Process. When issues arise which they do not want to deal with they stultify the Democratic Process by moving public commentaries to the end of their drawn-out regular business, and then the elected and appointed officials will filibuster in an attempt to consume as much time as possible and thereby reduce the time allotted for public commentary aka Democracy to occur. In other cases, these officials simply throw Democracy out the window and cancel public comment altogether.

All of the above are guilty of colluding in what is best described as "nepotism and profiteering" by ensuring that their friends and family members are appointed or hired to staff Public Works facilities and Special Districts.

As if to prove that all of this was about nothing more than reducing American Citizens to serfs owned by feudal lords or socialist oligarchs, they then invade our public libraries, public schools, and school libraries with material which espouses anti-Theistic and anti-American rhetoric.

Much of that same material includes indoctrination, not just available to but deliberately placed in library sections targeting children aged birth on up, in sex practices which mainstream pornography sites hide from casual browsers and some professional sex workers simply refuse to engage in. This material includes graphic textual descriptions and graphic images which demonstrate sex between minor children and sex between minor children and adults.

Links to PDF files, direct quotations, and reproduced content in this document are presented here to document the object of the criticisms outlined above, to inform those who may not be aware of these oppositional opinions, and finally to provide a historical reference to the issues Americans faced at the time of publication.