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05-28-2022    05:09 AM    How many individuals are using these services, and who are they?

(This letter was originally written to the Campbell County Board of Commissioners, and sent to that organization on the posted date.)

Last library board meeting Terri Lesley mentioned they would be presenting library programs from various locations around the town. Keep in mind that the ALA says all library material is available to every patron regardless of age.

After watching the shenanigans of the marxist Library Crowd over the past months, how long will it take before movies for kids are being hosted out of someone's basement? What is the liability for Campbell County when library presentations are moved to private enterprise locations or to private property?

I question why the library, at taxpayer expense, has installed a video lab that offers "safe space" to make videos in, and that says "Because the studio is reserved for four-hour blocks at a time, Tuttle said it’s preferred that people call before coming in to use the equipment."

Who is funding the library to the tune of nearly 4 million per year? It looks like taxpayer dollars are being used to provide professional recording studios, 3D printers, and a digitalization station for what must be a select few. I would like to know who is utilizing these services, an itemized listing of names and dates, to determine if in fact these services are something the public utilizes. I would also like a financial breakdown of how much money is being spent to provide each of these amenities.

I am concerned that library director Terri Lesley appears to be incapable of independent thought. A great deal of her commentary (and her responses to questions or challenges) is straight from the pages of ALA published material, rehearsed and repeated by Lesley and other ALA librarians. The ALA teaches them what to say when Americans protest their anti-American teaching. I encourage you to find a library director who reflects American values.

Thank you for your prompt response to my questions, and for your prompt action in replacing the current library director with a library director who reflects American values.

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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