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06-17-2023    07:30 AM    OPINION    

I received a CC of a letter sent to the Campbell County Commissioners regarding reappointing the wonderful American, Sage Bear, to the Library Board.  It's a great letter, and one I wanted to share.

Dear Commissioners:

Hate groups come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have 1 thing in common:  They recruit the stupid and clinically depressed by telling them that their clinical depression is caused by <insert whatever group, sect, or ideology the hate group has arbitrarily chosen to target>.  The same is true of the KKK, Nazis and Communists and every other kind of socialist, neo-Nazis and skinheads and racial supremacists of every race, terrorist organizations of all kinds, and the grossly misnamed socialist political lobby which is called LGBT.  The whole point is to give the stupid and depressed the illusion of a common enemy and therefore a sense of belonging to a cause.  Hate groups deliberately recruit individuals who are weak-minded and therefore susceptible to being influenced by mob mentality, preferring those who will jump right off a bridge just because they were told it would somehow help the cause.

LGBT has less than nothing to do with lesbians, gays, bisexuals, or trans people.  LGBT's hate rhetoric targets the "white race" wholesale (when white is not a race, not an ethnicity, not a nationality, not even a valid description of skin color).  This is literally no different than the KKK targeting the "black race" when black is not a race or an ethnicity and in absolutely no case I have ever seen is an accurate description of skin color.  LGBT's hate rhetoric targets heterosexuals of all races and political conservatives of all races and on and on and on until absolutely everybody who disagrees with any left-leaning political agenda is included in the hate-targets of LGBT activists.  LGBT's hateful mythology suggests that, while being white or heterosexual or conservative are bad enough by themselves, the most hated individuals on Earth are those who fit into 2 or more target-groups, such as "white heterosexual conservative."  LGBT makes allowances for membership or "alliance" from absolutely anybody at all -- hate a little or hate a lot, there is a pre-planned LGBT activist program ready to turn you into as petty or as vicious a thug as you are willing to be!

While LGBT does everything it can to imitate Hitler's Nazi Party and Stalin's or Zedong's Communist Parties, LGBT's favorite instant accusation against all disagreements is that the person disagreeing is a Nazi.  Adolf Hitler liked to accuse everyone who disagreed with Nazis of being a Communist.  Josef Stalin liked to accuse everyone who disagreed with Communists of being an Insurrectionist, a Traitor, or a Facist.  Zedong simply ordered executions in the name of Progress.

Ironically, this hardcore impersonation of Nazi Germany being performed by LGBT activists has led to a large number of insanely stupid people who happen to be heterosexual (and are probably even conservative by belief) to support the LGBT socialist agenda in some childishly mis-guided attempt to quit being seen as a Jew in 1940s Berlin.

This is not American behavior.  This is not "inclusive" or "tolerant" behavior either.  The left wants kids to be taught to keep secrets from (even if it means lying to) their loved ones including parents.  The left wants every individual kid to be taught to go out looking for as many kinky types of sex as exist, to participate in all of them without any kind of prophylactic against pregnancy or STDs, to go get abortions when pregnancy occurs, and to start doing it in gradeschool.  The left wants everybody who is dumb enough to believe that a biological male can get pregnant to go damage their bodies with unnecessary and ineffective hormone therapies, in the hope of getting pregnant, and when that does not make the propaganda victim happy then the left wants them to go get surgically mutilated including breast and mammary removals for females or breast implants for males, genital removal and the total and irreversible destruction of the human reproductive system for both males and females, and not the likelihood but the guarantee of reduced sensitivity in the affected areas, also irreversible, for life.

Americans who have pointed any of this out have been vilified by socialist trash including DG Reardon.  DG Reardon is literally a lookalike for Hermann Goehring, who I believe made a concentrated effort to imitate Goehring's stance, bearing, and facial expression while sitting for photographs.  Reardon called Americans in Campbell County a bunch of Nazis after a few of them filled out a request form to have some books (containing dangerous political rhetoric accompanied by plain old dirty pictures) moved from the Childrens' Section of CCPL to the General Section where kids are herded away from, rather than into.  Please do note that DG Reardon is no longer a Campbell County Commissioner.

The leftist and LGBT-supporting Pravda has said that only "a fringe group of religious extremists" wants to remove "gay positive material" from CCPL altogether, when reality is that absolutely everybody including real Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual individuals are all about protecting children from predatory sexual and political recruiting practices.  So a large number of the actual human beings who are American and are also one of the LGBTs want nothing to do with any organization calling itself LGBT or claiming to represent LGBTs.  The leftist morons in public politics have pointed out that, at these public board meetings which occur early in the morning or middle-to-late in the afternoon, more leftist supporters show up than people supporting the rights of children and parents.  That is because Americans have jobs.

Real people, actual human beings, Americans who legitimately contribute to the Community and the Nation, deliberately go to church and deliberately give their hard-earned cash to their church specifically for the purpose of supporting the activities of the pastor outside of worship time.  They sent their pastors to political assemblies, and the nationwide result (starting in 2020) was shutting down all American commerce, shipping, production, and culture.  Church services were specifically targeted during the "lockdowns" resulting from the (real pandemic but) totally fake danger posed by COVID-19, with pastors being harassed and arrested simply for being inside a church building, even alone.

Now it is 2 years later.  The bad books are still in the libraries nationwide, but the CCPL Board finally did the right thing by ordering that all books be carefully reviewed before placement in any section at all.  Why was this not being done all along?  As I understand it, this very act of "curation" is the 1 job that CCPL Executive Director Terri Leslie has, and it is the 1 thing she is highly educated and therefore qualified to do, but she has outright refused to do it starting long before parents noticed what cesspool she was drowning American children in.

So just in the last couple of months, Americans nationwide without any organization or prompting from celebrities or politicians, decided individually to quit buying Bud Light and quit shopping at Target because they are sick and tired of hearing about socialism and they are sick and tired of being called bigots by people who are not even gay but claim to represent gays via LGBT, and call them bigots for opposing abortion and increased taxation to support international social programs and cash giveaways to foreign governments.  I am personally just intensely disgusted that nobody has even mentioned the fact that Dylan Mulvaney's following are the same age group as Sesame Street's following -- so Bud Light used a children's entertainment figure to advertise their product before we even get to the squick factor presented by a total mysoginist who portrays women as stupid, money-wasting, slutty, greedy, and lazy.

After all of this:  Your failure to re-appoint Sage Bear might not be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  It may not instantly cause Americans in Gillette or Campbell County to quit paying taxes.  That failure will be a step along the road, though, and that is not a long road, and when Americans start boycotting taxation you can look forward to a repeat of the mid-to-late 1700s in North America.  I desperately want to avoid that!

Please do re-appoint Sage Bear to the CCPL Board, and please do retain Sage Bear as the Chair of that Board if that is within your purview.


Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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