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02-06-2021    10:45 PM    OPINION    The Lady or The Tiger? ..Corruption or Collusion?..Incompetence or Retaliation?

One of the best stories of all time, in my mind, was the The Lady, or the Tiger? by Frank R. Stockton, written in 1882. The ending was left up to the reader. It was required reading in High School in 1972.

This next story would be titled Collusion or Corruption? You decide.

All charges against Clinton Palmer, the "MMA King of the Ring Fighter" who bragged about the amount of damage he did to the head and face of the man he attacked in July of 2020, were dismissed. The dismissal itself was predictable (and predicted 12-07-2020 Any Discrepancy Here?), but the reasons are surprising. The prosecutor states there was physical evidence to strongly support the claim that the ambush-assault was in self-defense.

What physical evidence would that have been? The victim (who was charged with assault) had to pay get copies of what was allegedly the entirety of the evidence. There was no physical evidence whatsoever to substantiate a claim of self-defense, just stories told by two liars (per Cop Roesner), and their story details were not consistent even during the initial interview. The damage to the victim is in attached files; the following link shows the assailant who claimed self-defense: This is a photo of Palmer exactly how he looked when he was reporting to Roesner after performing the beating. Not a mark on him, but the police report says he had a swollen red hand with dried blood. and Perjury/vlcsnap-2020-08-03-17h34m40s817.png

The police reports refer to a fight, but there was no physical evidence that a fight had occurred, only an assault. There was no disarray in the room, no signs of a struggle, just a single pool of blood on the carpet. Cop Brian Roesner refused to document those facts when he was asked to do so. The beating was all to the right side of the victim's face and head, and Palmer administered the beating only with his right hand. That could not have been a face-to-face engagement. There also appeared to be a booted foot applied to the neck and throat of the victim.

The evidence also includes Cop Brian Roesner telling the assailant that he has lied, as has his underage girlfriend, yet Roesner stated he saw no reason to issue them citations for that, nor to disbelieve the other story they told to justify a $6000.00 beating administered to a man who the cops said was too drunk to take care of himself.

Three calls were made to the County Attorney's Office regarding victim compensation, and the reply was Don't call us, we'll call you, the hearing hasn't even been scheduled yet, and due to Covid everything is indefinitely delayed. They said the victim would be notified when the hearing was scheduled and they would send the necessary forms to fill out at that time. No one ever called. The court document showing that all charges had been dismissed was received 02-06-2021. Incompetence? Retaliation? -- or Corruption and Collusion?

Actually, from the beginning my outrage wasn't that Clinton Palmer was free to go. My outrage was that the police removed a citizen from his home without a warrant, then ticketed him for assault while he was semi-conscious in the ER. They left the tickets lay on a table, which is documented on body cam. The police ordered a citizen out of his home without a warrant, ordered him not to go back inside the house when he tried to, and then gave him a ticket for being drunk while in view of a public street.

Does that sound American to you?

The beating was administered within one month of my asking the Wyoming State Legislature to do something about the Criminal "Justice System" in Gillette and Campbell County. The beating was administered within one week of a letter to the editor regarding our corrupt Police Department. The beating was administered to my son, in his own home, and the assailant was applauded by Cop Brian Roesner.

Here comes that Lady or the Tiger moment...did Emily Simper participate in the corruption and collusion here (prosecutorial misconduct), or did the cops fail to give her the actual evidence and she acted on their perjured testimony, believing they were honest officers of the law? Did she fail to actually inspect the evidence and base this dismissal on a conversation with the attorney for the defendant? Is it as simple as she owed someone a favor?

I have high hopes that a new Police Chief and a new County Attorney will help stem the tide of corruption that has been flowing forth from the City of Gillette Administration and Criminal "Justice System" targeting ordinary law-abiding citizens. God Bless the wonderful law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and Judges who work to uphold the law. They encourage me to keep speaking up because they also condemn the illegal police actions in Gillette and Campbell County, and they also hope to see Justice prevail.

As for special treatment for selected criminals, I want to say this: Confidential informants may be good or bad, depends on your viewpoint. What seems to be true in Gillette, Wyoming, is that if you are useful to cops you can literally get away with attempted murder. First Aaron Browning in 2018, then Clinton Palmer in 2020. These fellows travel the state of Wyoming (especially Torrington and Cheyenne), to Nebraska, to South Dakota (especially Spearfish), so possibly they are snitches in a tri-state area. I may consider taking out ads in tri-state newspapers to suggest citizens might want to avoid contact with these fellows who appear to be on the cop payroll, or are personal friends with cops (free cop taxi service from the courtroom to wherever was included for Palmer). I would like to see the value of these and all other apparent police accomplices become so minimal that they are no longer protected from their criminal actions against law-abiding citizens.

I look forward to the day a new administration brings Justice and truthfulness to our community. Until then, I remain your obedient and law-abiding citizen.

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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