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08-30-2023    09:00 AM    What's the Word for That?

08-01-2023    12:00 PM    Recap: Contested Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America)

07-29-2023    07:25 AM    Weeding Out

07-26-2023    08:30 AM    Selective Law Enforcement for MAPs

06-29-2023    08:37 AM    No Retreat, No Surrender

06-17-2023    07:30 AM    American Battleground

03-04-2023    01:10 PM    Conflict of Interest

02-18-2023    09:01 AM    Let's Create a Diversity/Inclusivity Section in Public Schools and Libraries

02-15-2023    01:30 PM    Recap: Contested Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America)

02-12-2023    08:30 AM    Tricks

01-29-2023    09:09 AM    Book Em Danno

01-23-2023    02:00 PM    Recap: Contested Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America)

12-16-2022    01:43 PM    The Pendulum Swings

12-07-2022    04:26 PM    Voices in Cheyenne, WY

12-01-2022    08:51 AM    Sex offenders ACTIVE at CCPL ...Where is Gary Scott's get out of jail free card?

11-27-2022    10:29 AM    Education or Child Abuse?

11-16-2022    06:36 AM    Intrepid Journalism; Rigged Elections; False Flags

11-15-2022    10:00 AM    Recap: Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America)

10-30-2022    08:17 AM    Nebulous, Hazy, Vague...

10-28-2022    10:15 AM    State of Affairs

10-24-2022    09:30 AM    Children Being Sexually Abused by Librarians

10-09-2022    02:00 PM    Recap: Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America)

10-06-2022    07:25 AM    Perspectives... and Crimes Investigator Says Library Books Make Children Vulnerable To Crimes

10-05-2022    07:31 AM    The Less Than 4% Gain Traction

10-04-2022    07:21 AM    Other Voices, Moral Compasses

09-29-2022    06:12 PM    Another light illuminating the darkness

09-23-2022    01:00 PM    Campbell County Library Board Meeting, Monday September 26th, 2022 at the County Commission Meeting Room

09-11-2022    04:58 PM    Truth is Ringing Throughout the Land

09-07-2022    07:50 AM    In Wyoming Libraries so, of course, in Campbell County Public Library

08-30-2022    07:18 AM    ALA Librarians Grooming Kids vs Teaching Normal Behavior

08-27-2022    08:55 AM    ALA and WLA influences on School and Public Libraries; New Tribal Customs for Americans; and the First Amendment

08-13-2022    01:56 PM    Socialist Indoctrination of Kids Aged Birth to 5 in Wyoming Libraries... Your Tax Dollars at Work!

08-12-2022    09:38 AM    Drag Queen Story Hour promoter charged with child porn -- Gays Against Groomers Comes Out Against Drag Queen Story Hour -- Sex crimes involving Wyoming kids ages 11-13 at an all-time high

08-08-2022    09:00 AM    Recap: Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America)

08-05-2022    07:16 AM    ALA Librarians Up the Ante

08-03-2022    07:32 AM    PIPs supporting violation of children, and Conservative Guide to Laramie County Candidates

07-27-2022    02:06 PM    Doubling Down on Marxist Education by the Marxist Library Association - with American taxpayer dollars

07-26-2022    10:17 AM    Americans Fighting Anti-Americanism in Cheyenne, anti-American candidates boldly unmasking, and Heroes at Home

07-15-2022    04:45 PM    Wyoming Education Association branching into Socialist anti-American training, while kids continue to be sexually harassed by ALA and NEA members

07-14-2022    07:15 AM    Disconnect in news media between actual events and reported events

06-28-2022    08:40 AM    Indecency in Campbell County

06-25-2022    02:39 PM    In the name of Diversity... why are the Proud Boys being marginalized by ALA librarians and their sympathizers?

06-23-2022    09:05 AM    Under the Big Top

06-16-2022    11:36 AM    Recap: Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America)

06-16-2022    07:27 AM    Intimate violation of children in public places

06-13-2022    12:56 PM    "Our basic human right to exist is literally under attack!" and misappropriated tax dollars funding socialist activism

06-08-2022    09:38 AM    Biased Press, Prophylactic Extermination, and Racist Press

06-02-2022    11:46 AM    Twilight Zone

05-30-2022    01:00 PM    4 part conversation with a library advocate...and Audit the Library

05-28-2022    05:09 AM    Requesting itemization of usage for 3D printers, professional recording studio, and digitalization at Campbell County Public Library

05-25-2022    08:06 AM    Nearly a year and perversion is allowed to continue...

05-18-2022    04:41 PM    "This Book Is Gay" updated version now available for kids in Wyoming libraries

05-12-2022    09:25 AM    Quote: One or more of these books likely would be deemed "Harmful to Minors"

04-30-2022    08:53 AM    AP News reintroduces discrimination against Blacks and Queers, and Newsweek headline likens Disinformation Board to Orwell's Ministry of Truth

04-26-2022    05:33 PM    Safe Libraries vs Marxist Libraries... and other voices

04-21-2022    06:10 PM    American Library Association elects Marxist President, and local librarian exercises the 5th Amendment

04-20-2022    10:00 AM    Childhood Sexual Abuse - now sponsored by ALA Librarians

04-18-2022    8:12 AM    Consensual say what now?

04-13-2022    5:00 PM    Lawn Boy... there are two Lawn Boy books... only one contains philia, the other just teaches unethical and immoral business practices!

04-10-2022    08:44 AM    Our country's basic premise was to teach philia to kids? and it's for the good of the community as a whole?

04-09-2022    10:00 AM    Promoting philia nets Terri Lesley $500 reward from the ALA

04-05-2022    08:49 AM    Comments presented at Commissioner Meeting 4-5-2022 (The names were left out at the meeting per instruction)

04-03-2022    10:55 AM    Is courage contagious?

04-01-2022    5:00 PM    RECAP:  Topics for Kids

03-28-2022    09:00 AM    How many County Commissioners does it take to...

03-24-2022    6:00 AM    Morality Police, favoring the r of children, and economic growth

03-16-2022    02:25 PM    *Smacks forehead* If he had only been an ALA Librarian, no charges filed! Promoting obscenity and sex practices involving minors

03-16-2022    11:00 AM    Wyoming Indentured servants - Planned Industry Growth for Wyoming

03-07-2022    05:09 PM    Law enforcement labels the practices Librarians are teaching to kids "Grotesque and offensive" crimes

03-03-2022    08:49 AM    Persecuting Christians in Campbell County, or simply unequal application of the rules?

02-14-2022    11:42 AM    What flag are we flying these days?

02-12-2022    08:54 PM    State of Inequality

02-10-2022    08:59 PM    Trust Kids to Make the Correct Decisions

02-08-2022    11:32 AM    The new normal

02-03-2022    9:00 AM    Circle Back

01-14-2022    05:30 PM    ALA says "ongoing transformation" of libraries

12-17-2021    06:45 AM    Entrapping Minors

11-29-2021    08:05 AM    Legal some of the time

11-18-2021    06:05 AM    Corruption of Minors the least of it

10-31-2021    02:51 PM    Censoring adults for "inappropriate" language...but no limit on the criminal content in books for teens and kids in Campbell County

10-27-2021    10:36 PM    Lies and falsehoods presented as educational material by Campbell County Public Library...Hub has higher standards than our library

08-14-2021    12:48 PM    The Library Board says Campbell County has no Community Standards that they are aware of...Bestiality Collection next?

08-07-2021    12:44 PM    Above the that more troublesome than the fact they are distributing porn to underage children?

Since about 2018 parents across the USA have been raising concerns about heavily sexualized books being found in Public Libraries and Public Schools. In the summer of 2021, parents in Campbell County became aware that some of these books are kept at the CCPL. Wyoming parents are working people, so rather than take time off to petition CCPL themselves they approached their pastors and other group repsentatives.

Pastor Ed Sisti and Pastor Susan Sisti of the Open Door Church in Gillette, Wyoming, were among the first to appear at public meetings to make those petitions on behalf of their congregation. CCPL Board members responded by making statements that equivocate the Pastors and their concerns to religious fanaticism, making the false claim that these individuals (who represent dozens if not hundreds of American voters) are "a fringe minority," and engaging their friends and accomplices in popular media to print (and post online) fictitious stories about rampant bigotry in Wyoming.

In plain reality the issue is not that these books claim to support LGBT concerns, and the issue is not even that these books are sexual in nature. The issue is not even that these books are kept, publically available, in CCPL's collection. The issue is that these books are prurient in nature and are specifically placed into sections of CCPL where children are actively herded into when they visit the library with their school classes or on their own (without a parental chaperone).

Parents (and their appointed group representatives, which as of 2022 includes several local pastors and even Wyoming State Representatives), have asked that these books be moved out of the sections where they are not just available to children as young as 8 years old but where such young children are actively directed to go to, and into the "Adult Section" which is really just the main library room also known as, "General Circulation."

I say "8 years old" because that is the youngest age which had been openly admitted to by Terri Lesley, who had been appointed to act as the CCPL Director until she was removed by a new, American, CCPL Board in July 2023. In reality the ALA has documented that this material targets everyone aged birth on up, therefore by collusion with that socialist organization the CCPL is specifically targeting children aged birth on up.

Introduction by Andrew Painter, web editor.

Links to PDF files, direct quotations, and reproduced content in this document are presented here to document the object of the criticisms outlined above, to inform those who may not be aware of these oppositional opinions, and finally to provide a historical reference to the issues Americans faced at the time of publication.