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11-18-2021    06:05 AM    OPINION    Campbell County Public Library -- Kid sections -- From ocean of knowledge to cesspool of adult pornography, violence and sexual violence, and suicidal ideation

Child porn in text format is being distributed by the public library, and that may not be the worst part

Sexual violence, child sexual abuse, pregnancy caused by incestuous rape.

This title "The Bluest Eye" was written in 1970, for adults, and was a pick for Oprah's Book Club.  It is being found in collections for minor children in 2021.  It is also at Campbell County Public Library in Gillette, Wyoming, Grade Range 0-18 and Age Range 0-30

Amazon Reviews by adult readers who bought the book for themselves:

1)  I am disturbed by the explicit scenes of child molestation described in this book

2)  Quite simply; it is pornographic, degenerate and perverted... Knowing this book is what is being taught in college/ap classes it is now easy to understand how/why American Society is collapsing.

3)  Disjointed and totally depressing.

4)  The truth of this unforgettable book is too difficult to deal with, creating a horror and sadness in me that will never go away.

5)  There was no punctuation or distinction between paragraphs, and also repetitive words typed, and no separation of text also.

"The Bluest Eye" is a book that makes adults depressed, horrified, and sad in a way that will never go away.  Perhaps it is this type of reading material that caused 42% of LGBTQ youth to seriously consider suicide in the past year.

Campbell County Public Library in Gillette, Wyoming, distributes books for teens where the main topic is BDSM.  BDSM stands for 'bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism,' and the acronym has largely replaced the earlier term 'sadomasochism.'

Teen Suicide is being promoted by the public library

Read Brightly writes:  "Though it may seem to be a trend, suicide as a subject is a reflection and an outgrowth of the popularity of YA books in general, says Kelly Jensen, a former youth-services librarian in Wisconsin who’s now associate editor and community manager for Book Riot."

Teen suicide is a growing health concern.  The American Psychological Association cites The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention:  "Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24, surpassed only by accidents."

Books listed here are available at Campbell County Public Library -- books where the main characters contemplate or commit suicide.  If teen suicide as a topic is experiencing "an outgrowth in popularity," that would explain why teen suicide is a growing concern.  Teen suicide is being promoted by the public library... perhaps that's why 42% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered suicide in the past year.

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, "Suicide is related to brain functions that affect decision-making and behavioral control, making it difficult for people to find positive solutions."

Teen Suicide IS Preventable.

The public library was once a haven and a place of respect, almost like a church.

The public library now dispenses to underage kids (in both text and images) sexual violence, child sexual abuse, bondage and sadomasochism for play, molestation, pedophilia, sexual assault, incest, violence, rape, child abuse, and suicide, aimed at kids birth to 18.

I keep remembering someone said at a County Commissioners Meeting that the simplest solution would be to restrict library use to ages 13+.  That makes sense, although the age range should be in keeping with the legal age to smoke and drink, in my opinion.

Please remove Terri Lesley, Darcy Acord, et al, Charlie Anderson, Hollie Stewart, and the American Library Association from any affiliation with the Campbell County Public Library or the Library Board in Gillette, Wyoming.

Thank you.

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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