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05-30-2022    01:00 PM    OPINION    I was so involved with the topic of the content of the books for kids, I totally missed the content of the second line about " the library is having to struggle to keep afloat..." The Campbell County Library operating budget for 2020-2021 was $3,630,767.00. If this is accurate that the library is having to struggle to keep afloat, an audit of the library seems warranted.

Holly R., an elementary school teacher in Wright, Wyoming, wrote on 05-30-2022 at 07:34 AM:

Just wanted to say that your email per the public library was extremely distasteful, disrespectful, and downright disgusting. As an educator and advocate for public libraries, it breaks my heart that the library is having to struggle to keep afloat because some poor little conservative hick got offended by a few books in their collection. It's people like you that are the root cause of LGBTQ+ youth suicides and mental illness. To some of these kids that have zero support at home, those books may just be what they need. Also, who cares about the digital studio the library has? Let kids go and have fun. Better than doing drugs at the park and becoming juvenile delinquents. "American values" are to educate every individual. Not indoctrinating them to believe the same close-minded, racist, homophobic, bigoted crap that the sad majority of this SINGULAR state in the union believes. Leave the library alone. Maybe do your job as a parent and educate your children on your household beliefs instead of making everyone else tiptoe around your Karen attitude. Your beliefs only foster hate. There's no acceptance, love, or understanding. Also, if you're so worried about the books in the library, I expect your children to not have access to the internet either. It's a million times easier to access information about sexual preferences and gender identity there. Oh, and about a million free porn sites, message boards, and social media in general. The last time books were banned, millions of people died in a war. Sounds like you never read a history book if you think banning books and cutting library funds is the way to prevent your kids from getting this information that makes you feel uncomfortable and offended. Also, maybe you should actually read up on Marxism, because what you're accusing the library of doing versus what you are proposing seems like the roles are reversed and you are actually promoting a Marxist regime.


A fed up mom, teacher, and advocate for public libraries.

Then Sara replied:

Thank you for your reply.

The most interesting thing about your response, Holly, is that you feel it is extremely distasteful and downright disgusting to address current events to an adult population, yet you champion addressing vulgar, profane, and pornographic material to children ages birth+.

You present an argument regarding free porn on the internet. If porn is so accessible, what is the point in the library offering it as well? Just trying to compete?

Porn Hub has higher standards than the Campbell County Public Library in that they do not post illustrations of pedophile sex. Also, on the internet the choice of sexual perversion is up to the individual searching for it, it is not thrust upon unsuspecting children browsing for ordinary reading material.

Your marxist buddies are turning the kids into juvenile delinquents, as evidenced by the fact that in Campbell County "the YES House served 1,215 youth last year, up from the 900 to 1,000 or so the facility typically sees each year." per Jonathan Gallardo and Jake Goodrick in the Gillette News Record on May 21, 2022. "The severity of some of those behaviors, the mental health issues, the substance abuse issues, anecdotally, we see that increasing," Anderson said.

You make the comment, "American values are to educate every individual." However, teaching kids that golden showers and group sex are normal, and promoting that small children having sex at all is normal, is not educating, and it is shocking that a school teacher believes it is. Are the parents of your students aware of your sexual practice preferences? Hopefully they are receiving fully-informed waivers prior to allowing kids to engage in after-school activities you are involved in.

I have absolutely no acceptance or understanding for adults such as yourself who envision a world where children engage in sex with each other and with adults.

Shame on you.

I am more interested in promoting American culture and values, but provide a link for you to explore, to help you understand your cultural choice. Perhaps you should read up on Americanism.

God bless you and your family, Holly.

Best wishes,

Sara Painter

Groomer Schools 1: The Long Cultural Marxist History of Sex...

To which Holly R. responded:

Children have mental health issues because they don't feel accepted and are bullied relentlessly. Not because they have access to materials in the library. I also highly doubt that there are books about pedophiles for the children to access. Transgender? Sure. Gay and Lesbian? Sure. Pedophaelia is not admissible, so I don't know why you would ASSUME that I support that. I'm pretty sure beastiality, gang bang, bdsm, furry, hentai, etc. is SO much more dignified than what the public library has to offer 😂 but what do I know? Any child that identifies within the LGBTQ+ community is 100% safe in my classroom. Because I don't allow students to bully others at all. Thanks for your concern about my classroom though. If you're worried about Yes House numbers, maybe you should riot tik tok and other social media platforms for making it easy to attack one another. Because, again, bullying and the feeling of not being accepted is the reason for these numbers increasing. Not access to different media.

To which Sara replied:

"I'm pretty sure beastiality, gang bang, bdsm, furry, hentai, etc. is SO much more dignified than what the public library has to offer 😂 but what do I know?"

Holly, do you mean what do you not know? Apparently you don't know the library is pushing books containing gang bang, bdsm, and fisting. It was reported that there was a book teaching toddlers how to have sex with house pets, and a local librarian refused to answer NO when asked if such a book exists. Hentai is virtually the crown jewel in the library collection of smut for minors, and although the intended audience is Young Adult, the material is available to patrons of any age - no limit. Furry is a fetish now characterized as a transgender identity, so I would be absolutely shocked if the Campbell County Public Library didn't carry books on that topic, most likely shelved amongst the ordinary reading materials, including in the toddler section.

It is encouraging that you don't favor pedophilia. In fact, the ALA is engaged in teaching that pedophilia is okay, and is teaching ALA librarians how to respond to citizens who object to that teaching. Yes, the Campbell County Public Library has books that show illustrations of children having sex with adults, specifically one with an illustration of a small boy giving an older man a blow job, and I for one am angry with the County Attorney who allows that to continue.

This is what we have been railing against. Are you telling me now that you were not aware of this content as being the object of our objections? How is that possible, when the first letter I send out recaps all the book topics for kids?

At this point Holly R. changed the name on the same email address to Bob and responded:

Send me a list of every title that this library had that you believe is sexually explicit and inappropriate. Specifically this library. Not just books that are published.

Then Sara replied:

The list is too numerous to go into. I will forward you again the letter which lists book titles and contents, specifically in Campbell County Library, including the one Sex is a Funny Word for little kids that is mentioned towards the end of that letter...that letter is written from another county, but the book is here in Campbell County also.

To which Holly/Bob responded:

So I see seven books. You all are going to shut down the entire library over seven books? Just remove those seven and move on with your lives.

To which Sara replied:

Sadly, no one is shutting the library down. That is more misinformation or is it deliberate disinformation on your part?

In addition, the library was asked to move them and they refused, stating that children are the "target audience."

To which Holly/Bob has not responded...

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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