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07-27-2022    02:06 PM    OPINION    How do you fire a Marxist, anti-American Executive Director of the Library who refused to respect the American Flag at a library board meeting?

Youth Services Librarian Darcy Acord will be attending an ALA sponsored conference later this year - paid for with taxpayer dollars.  This division is labeled The Young Adult Library Services Association, and is of course a division of the ALA, which is run by Marxists.

Darcy Acord and Terri Lesley have placed books for minor children that teach BDSM (sex torture including strangulation) and fisting, calling it LGBTQ sex education.  Perhaps upon the completion of this conference we will see them add books and movies featuring bestiality and snuff films.  First Amendment, right?  Inclusivity, right?  There are no limits on what these anti-American librarians will promote to children, as you have already seen.

Earlier this year it was reported that Campbell County Librarians were handed a signup sheet for classes at the national ALA conference that included teaching them that pedophilia is okay, and how to handle citizens who complain about it.  Earlier this year a Campbell County librarian refused to answer NO when asked to confirm or deny the rumor that there is already a book for kids on how to have sex with their house pets in this library.

With a new library board there were hopes that taxpayer money would stop funding the association with the ALA, but instead we're doubling down on taxpayer donations to this anti-American entity.  Darcy Acord is already well-trained (and participating) in contributing to the delinquency of minors, and now American taxpayer money will pay a Marxist group to teach her new ways to pervert and confuse children whose brains are not fully developed.

In Campbell County and in the State of Wyoming the mental state of children and their behaviors have deteriorated so much there have been multiple news articles about it.   This Gillette News Record article contains information from Executive Director of the YES House, Ryan Anderson that says, "the severity of some of these behaviors, the mental health issues, the substance abuse issues, anecdotally, we see that increasing."  At the same time Law Enforcement is expanding, including to accommodate the youngsters they plan to get into the system.

Let's lobby the Commissioners to pull funding from the library altogether, since it is treason to fund anti-American institutions and activities.

Enough is enough.  It's long past time to throw the book at the ALA and their accomplices.

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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