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08-03-2022    07:32 AM    OPINION    Previously Important Persons (PIPs) supporting law violations, and suggested conservative candidates in Laramie County


In a letter to the editor in the Laramie Boomerang, Amy K. Williamson wrote:  "These standards are intolerable, and two things need to happen." and "But unless enough people express their disgust with the present statutes, nothing will change."  Amy's concern in that letter is abuse of animals.

In a request to remove her email from my list, in response to Recap: Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America), Amy K. Williamson wrote:  "Better to have them learn correct facts..."

It would be great if ALA librarians were teaching correct facts.  The facts are that not all homosexual men practice anal sex, and ALA librarians are teaching that everyone practices anal sex, including all heterosexuals, all the time.  Those are lies, not facts.

Although concerned for the safety and welfare of animals, Amy K. Williamson is endorsing the obscene material, being distributed to kids, as if it were factual and necessary information when in reality it threatens the safety and welfare of American children.

Free Speech?

In her removal request Amy K. Williamson wrote:  "And if you really think all of the topics on which you inveigh in your email are either bogus or reprehensible, please remember that you are allowed to make such statements and send them to people is because of the right to free speech, and allow the people who espouse other beliefs the same right.  Just remember, however, that the right to free speech does not permit anyone to yell 'Fire!' in a crowded place, and that the right to extend your arm ends where the other person's nose begins."

  • Is it just me or is she stating that I have overstepped the boundaries of Free Speech, while she asserts that teaching children to violate the law and each other is Free Speech?  
  • "Inveigh" means:  "To protest or complain bitterly or vehemently."  I protest the fact that ALA Librarians are violating Codified Law where the law gives them no immunity or exception for books depicting adult-with-child sex acts.  I vehemently state that ALA Librarians are violating children by teaching them to do illegal things and teaching those children that it's okay for them to be sexually violated.  I bitterly complain that Law Enforcement has refused to enforce the law -- in fact Law Enforcement has openly admitted that they did not review all the titles which citizens delivered to them when filing the criminal complaint in 2021.

Based on the brand of Free Speech being supported by Amy K. Williamson, books such as "The CIA Assassination Manual" and "The Anarchist's Cookbook" should be promoted to underaged kids and deliberately placed in the Childrens' and Teens' Sections to ensure that they can't miss them while browsing.

In 2016 Amy K. Williamson was the President of The League of Women Voters of Wyoming.  She also ran for the office of Wyoming Secretary of State in 2014 as a Republican.  How many Americans (other than the current Wyoming State Legislature) prioritize protecting abused animals over protecting abused children?

We need American Democrats or American Republicans running 100% of the libraries, not the Marxist ALA and their accomplices who control 33%.  When 66% of the public and school libraries in the USA have a grip on this, what's the problem in Wyoming that we can't get elected and appointed officials to kick the Marxist insurrectionists out of our taxpayer-funded institutions?

Don't just vote, vote for the right people

I keep meaning to include this resource, a valuable research tool provided by American Doug Gerard:  It gives good information on those who are already in office.

This week I was asked to circulate the list of recommended conservative candidates for Laramie County.  I have not fact-checked or edited as it comes from a trusted source.  Don't forget to vote!

Laramie County Conservatives

State House of Representatives

District 07 Rick Coppinger

District 08 Steven Johnson

District 09 Alan Sheldon

District 10 Lars Lone

District 11 Clarence Styvar

District 13 Ken Chestek

District 41 Bill Henderson (unopposed)

District 46 Ocean Andrew

State Senate

District 05 Lynn Hutchings (unopposed)

District 07 Rachel Bennett

District 31 Evie Brennan

District 61 Don Odom

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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