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10-09-2022    02:00 PM    OPINION    Recap: Book Topics for kids in Wyoming school and public libraries (and across the United States of America)

It is one thing to warn kids about what can happen when an adult wants sex with them, and quite another to draw them pictures of how to participate and tell them in all capital letters that it FEELS NICE. Current ALA policy employed in ALA-participating libraries states that every patron, regardless of age, must be given access to all materials within the library. Wyoming librarians have previously stated that kids ages 8+ have access to these visual materials presented here.

Books are being promoted to kids and teens which teach that killing babies, It's Perfectly Normal - including to first graders. They also depict and instruct how to perform sex acts including fisting, pedophilia, sex torture for play, golden showers, and group sex.

An article from The Iowa Standard contains pages from the vulgar and obscene graphic novel, Flamer, of which 11 copies are available for Wyoming kids of any age, because according to ALA policy there are no age limits on any material in an ALA library.  The author recommends it for kids ages 14+.  The content in this book targeted at minors includes a group of pre-teen boys who circle j  k into a bottle, drinking the contents as a penalty during play.

When KBAB did a poll asking whether Wyoming public libraries and school libraries should screen book content to make sure it is appropriate for students, 56.48% said YES.

This is an example of a book for kids, courtesy of the Iowa Standard.  Wyoming has minors in jail for sex acts less deviant than what is promoted in these library books.

In October of 2022 Clair McFarland of The Cowboy State Daily has run a number of articles regarding the actual content of contested books.  In this one my takeaway is that Wyoming State Legislators don't want to address the problem, although it is their exemption for pornography in libraries that has led to this outcome in the first place.  Within that article is another link to additional actual exerpts from contested books kept on the shelves for children.

Below is a history of the effort to raise awareness of the actual content issue of the contested books, of which some Wyoming media have tried to stifle both public knowledge and discussion.  These are exerpts; the full versions of each recapped issue can be viewed at Wyoming Issues.

04-01-2022    5:00 PM    Raising awareness of the actual content of the contested books for kids in Wyoming libraries. Most of the media is not telling the truth, and our city leaders are attempting to stifle our voices. Please talk about this with your family, friends, and business and social circles so everyone knows what is actually going on. Over the past few months parents in several Wyoming communities have raised concerns about some of the books on the shelves in public and school libraries across Wyoming.

What follows are excerpts from previous mailings, on the topic of pornographic (and philia-graphic) books being presented to Children at Wyoming public and school libraries. These books introduce kids to pedophilia as a fun learning activity with pictorial instructions.

01-09-2022    9:18 AM    OPINION    This material is entertainment for some adults, and soul crushing for other adults. Should it be in public and school libraries for minor children?

I have never mentioned the contested book for kids called The V-Word because it is so reminiscent of Penthouse Forum, which I often enjoyed..that material now at the public library for your minor kids to enjoy. Imagine that!

To recap the actual material being presented to kids in Wyoming school and public libraries, this is some of the contested material that is presented to children and is stated to be LGBTQ+ educational material:

All Boys Aren't Blue by George Johnson, teaches molestation, pedophilia, sexual assault, incest, violence, rape, and child abuse and is aimed at kids birth to 18, according to the fan base.

The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison, teaches sexual violence, child sexual abuse, child pregnancy caused by incestuous rape.

Sex plus: Learning, Loving, and Enjoying Your Body by Laci Green, who has made porn videos. Fisting and BDSM are just two of the practices taught to kids in this book. Taxpayer-funded Librarians are educating children that this is someone to emulate.

It's Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris has explicit cartoon-like illustrations of sexual activity. Teaches sexual positions, tells them how it's pleasuring, and teaches them how to masturbate. And the updated version, which is now available in Wyoming libraries, teaches them that abortion is totally normal - for Grades 1 and up.

This Book is Gay by J/J Dawson, teaches adult/child sex, teaches how to use sex toys, falsely teaches that everyone engages in anal sex, teaches polyamory, and in the updated version, teaches rimming, eating poop, golden showers, and group sex.
    * Update: As of May 2022 the updated version is circulating in Wyoming libraries, intended audience ages 14-17.

12-03-2021 6:35 AM Opinion Ages 8+ are being educated Into Darkness by Educators/Librarians Terri Lesley and Darcy Acord via the taxpayer-funded Campbell County Public Library

While Texas has pulled the book Out of Darkness by Ashley Perez out of some libraries due to content, Campbell County Public Library is acquiring additional copies of the book.

I am pro-pornography for adults, yet to my ear this educational material for minors sounds degrading to females.

If it is actually empowering to teen girls when they are taken out back and someone intrudes into their every orifice... why then are men being put in prison for doing so, even when the girl participates?

Amazon reviews of Out of Darkness by Ashley Perez: Top reviews from the United States

1) Harmful material (Lists Legal Statute reasons)

2) Traumatizing! I had to read this book for a college class, and it was so traumatizing for violence, sexual abuse, and racism that I could only make it halfway though. I don't know how this book was published.

3) Disturbing. How was this book even published. it's awful. and in school libraries. what is wrong with people. Harmful. no one under 18 should read this book.

4) This is porn. Page 39 is especially hardcore. It is not suitable for kids 14 to 18. Do not buy unless you don't care about your child's morality.

5) Nasty. This book is nasty. Not recommended for school age children.

See the reviews on Amazon for yourself.

The taxpayer-funded Public Library is educating children ages 8+ to violate the law... educating them to have sex through any orifice with partners of any age or gender, with any body part or object - with or without consent.

That's quite an education.


We are all on the same page, with full understanding of the content of the books being contested, accessible to kids 8+ per Terri Lesley. One group believes there should be values, morals, and beliefs instilled in youth. Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits, and personal development. Wikipedia defines "education".

The other group, which includes Librarians and Law Enforcement have declared that a) Campbell County has no community standards that they are aware of, and b) that all of the topics being taught to minors fall within statewide community standards for reading material for kids birth to 18. These are the practices that they are teaching and endeavoring to instill in kids as the norm:

Molestation, pedophilia, sexual assault, incest, violence, rape, and child abuse and is aimed at kids birth to 18, according to the fan base.

"For every book you get removed, there are dozens, if not hundreds, more just like it or worse, displayed proudly on the school library shelves. More are being added on a regular basis." What in the world is going on at the schoolhouse?

How long has the library been distributing this harmful material to kids? Here is an article from March 27, 2006 which talks about the ALA pushing porn on kids.

Librarians are also teaching suicidal ideation to these impressionable young minds. One of the main risk factors for suicide is being ages 15-24.

Are these teachings the reason why 42% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered suicide in the past year?

Are these teachings the reason Wyoming had the highest suicide rate in the nation last year?

02-14-2022 11:42 AM Opinion Apparently sexual exploitation of kids is integral to LGBTQ+; teaching suicidal ideation, exposing toddlers to bloody drawings, and teaching kids strangulation for play, all integral to LGBTQ+.

From The Gillette News Record Feb 11, 2022: "On Oct. 19, the commission suspended public comment after having heard hours of comments from residents about the library, in particular with the teen and children's sections containing books that deal with sex and LGBTQ+ issues."

In December of 2021 The Hill announced that an estimated 20 million U.S. adults identify as other than heterosexual. In 2021 estimated the US population at 332 million. How is it that 6% of the population is able to destroy the foundation of decency that has been generally accepted as the norm?

Morals have actually been legislated for adults. In this case, there is a concerted onslaught by librarians and everyone who has the power to remove them from their posts but won't, to destroy any semblance of a moral in children ages birth to 18. Is the long-range plan simply to be able to incarcerate everyone as soon as they become teenagers, for practicing the lessons taught by librarians?

Please help remove all school and public librarians who are promoting vulgarity, obscenity, pornography, and suicidal ideation to minors. Alternatively, de-fund all taxpayer-funded libraries and force the ALA to fund separately their buildings and individuals who serve as purveyors of porn and darkness to minors.

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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