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02-23-2023    11:18 AM    Explicit content in schools op-ed

12-07-2022    04:26 PM    Voices in Cheyenne, WY

11-27-2022    10:29 AM    Education or Child Abuse?

08-06-2022    09:12 AM    Routing Out anti-Americanism in the Wyoming Education System Could Net Millions of Dollars

07-15-2022    04:45 PM    Wyoming Education Association branching into Socialist anti-American training, while kids continue to be sexually harassed by ALA and NEA members

02-10-2021    01:03 PM    Gillette College and blatant deceit in elected officials. No one ever had to lie about a thing that was good for The People, did they?

05-05-2022    05:24 PM    Fact and Opinion

On January 18, 2021 in the Casper Star Tribune, a news article announced that the issue of making a special district in Campbell County would be tabled for two years.

On February 5, 2021 at, a news article announced that Jeff Wasserburger, Ogden Driskill, Eric Barlow, and Steve Harshman introduced a bill for the creation of the Gillette Community College District.

On April 1, 2021 at, a news article announced that the bill to create the Gillette College District had passed the legislature and now just needed Governor Gordon to sign it.

What a time warp! From reconsider in two years to a done-deal in less than 3 months.

Of note, during his efforts to get the bill passed in the state legislature, Sen. Jeff Wasserburger lied in February by presenting that Campbell County's assessed value was a billion dollars more than it had been reported to be in the previous month.

At one point he also suggested that Campbell County voters would vote to pass the issue in a special election if they were told only two mils were needed despite the fact that other experts had demonstrated 4 mils would not be enough to cover the current budget of the college.

The good news is, NWCCD (Northern Wyoming Community College District) is happy to take Gillette Campus back after our lying politicians wreak what havoc they can on the community by participating in this amazing contest best labeled Liars Bluff.

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