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08-06-2022    09:12 AM    OPINION    Socialist Immersion Strategies

This is a statewide Wyoming Issue

While the references here are from Campbell County, there are Dual-Language Immersion (DLI) programs in Albany County, Natrona County and Teton County, and perhaps more.

The proponents of DLI acknowledge they are "fledgling" and "face difficulties."  Perhaps Americans can be one of those difficulties and bring this fledgling Socialist endeavor to an abrupt halt, while freeing up who-knows-how-many millions of taxpayer dollars for legitimate Public Education endeavors.

The idea behind Dual-Language Immersion is part of the Socialist strategy

In 2014 the Campbell County School District decided that it would be progressive to marginalize English which is the official language of the United States of America, but they just weren't sure whether to focus on Spanish or Chinese.  To wit, they started a campaign aimed at promoting a Dual-Language Immersion (DLI) program in Campbell County.  News articles introducing the program include one about a survey which describes how the survey argued in favor of DLI before it even began asking for citizen commentary, and another when the first multi-million-dollar program was set to start based on a whopping 95 participants.  The Gillette News Record also printed a number of reports regarding parental resistance to changes made to the DLI program in 2022.

Teachers for this program are flown in from China or Spain (and they admit to "an agreement between our local school district and Spain's Ministry of Education") in order to teach the new foreign curriculum.  The biggest problem local schools have had, filling these positions, is apparently that 50% of all applicants being considered are deliberately imported from foreign and hardcore leftist states like New York and California, and the other 50% have trouble getting a visa to come in and work from foreign countries -- these foreign imports operate under temporary visas, are not American citizens and never even consider becoming American citizens, before being inserted as "educators" into American classrooms.  It appears that no effort is made to recruit American or especially Wyoming citizens (or even citizens of American Territories, like Puerto Rico where English and Spanish are spoken every day by everyone on the island).

While Spain does not openly admit to being a socialist country, its closest neighbor Portugal does and both are members of the extremely socialist European Union.  In 2015, Spain unwillingly raised its age of sexual consent from 13 to 16 due to pressure from the United Nations among others.  Without any requirement for Naturalization, these resident aliens are being entrusted with American junior high and high schoolers, aged 12 to 16, not to mention their influence on our kindergartners and elementary students.  It seems unlikely that these imports even know about American laws when ALA Librarians (who are supposedly US citizens and residents of our City, County and State) claim to be unaware of any "community standards" in existence, specifically regarding the sexualization of underaged kids.

The Chinese Communist Party has been invited to push disinformation on American kids in Wyoming Schools

Wyoming brought in a Chinese Communist as a teacher of the Mandarin language in Campbell County.  That teacher also taught that the massacre in Tiananmen Square was an appropriate response (by the Chinese Communist Party [CCP]) to terrorist actions.  Bright young Campbell County minds believed that.  

What this foreign Communist called "terrorist actions" amounted to picketing and chanting by Chinese college students who were requesting government accountability, Constitutional due process, democracy, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and the right to vote.  CCP's response was military force including lethal munitions and artillery fired into the crowds who were armed with signs and slogans.  After the "riot" was quelled, captured "terrorists" were interrogated for the names and addresses of other protesters, who were hunted down at home and either killed on the spot or taken away to never be heard from again.  Had they been told the truth it is most likely that Campbell County students would not have believed that this military response to peaceful civilian protests was anything resembling "appropriate," since the only terrorism involved was committed by the CCP against its own people.

I have been chided for using Wikipedia as a resource, but check this out:  Tiananmen Square has been whitewashed from the massacre which it was to an incident per Brittanica.  Wikipedia has officially reported accurately where the more-trusted Encyclopedia has not.

What is the cost?

Whether you have kids in the schools or not, what they are teaching those kids should be of grave concern.  Especially when it's being taught by foreigners and Americans don't even understand what's being said.  Some kids get so behind or distraught in their entire education, when enrolled in these classes, that they end up dropping out of the program.  We assume that's due to difficulty, but maybe it's due to disinformation on history and current events which they receive from socialist "language immersion teachers" versus what they already learned from legitimate history and civics teachers, or from their own American parents.  Maybe that's why they now want to totally segregate students in DLI programs, to isolate them from any American influences they might otherwise encounter from schoolmates.

What is the cost of this Dual-Language Immersion program that served a total of 377 students in its 5th year?  Out of the dozens of articles printed by the Gillette News Record since 2014, I can't find any which discuss the cost of the program.  This article from April 27, 2022 states that rearranging school attendance, to remove all the non-DLI students from the Stocktrail campus, will save $1.27 million by the third year -- so we are talking millions of dollars.  There is no mention of the additional cost of busing out-of-attendance-area DLI students into Stocktrail while busing in-attendance-area but non-DLI students to other schools.

That is an unknown number of millions of American taxpayer dollars for fewer than 400 students, to fulfill this part of the socialist agenda, in just one county.

Why DLI is a bad idea, even when it isn't mismanaged by people whose goal is political rather than educational

One of the more interesting (alarming) concepts expressed by Keri Shannon is, "That young age is the key to the program’s success."  Those are the same sentiments expressed by ALA librarians who push smut on underaged kids.  Keri Shannon is listed in several articles as being the principal hired from Texas, at the inception of both Stocktrail School and the Dual-Language Immersion Program.  As I understand it, her experience with DLI in Texas was one of her qualifications for the job.

Of note, when I was a college student in 1996, one of my classmates was a blue-eyed blonde with better English than mine.  She was a German citizen here on a student visa, but she said they get taught English from Kindergarten on up.  I was so impressed that I expressed to an instructor from India that we should teach our kids a second language from Kindergarten on in America, and he disagreed.  He said where he comes from in India, the distance from what we Americans would call one county to the next, the citizens cannot communicate because they have no common language.  He felt that a single language was the best thing for any country, and emphasized the importance of keeping it that way in America.

If we can't rein in a few Commie librarians, what can we do against an entire School system?

Brian Schroeder for State Superindendant of Public Instruction may be a good start.

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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