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07-05-2022    11:15 AM    OPINION    LGBTQ+ Activists in Teaching Roles... illegal activities being promoted to minors... and equal treatment for corruption of minors

Anything Goes

Paul Joseph Watson is an amazing Freedom Fighter who happens to be a British citizen.  He does a commentary called Anything Goes.  This particular video, titled Idiocracy, exhibits a self-made TikTok entry from an LGBTQ+ Activist and teacher who is running for State Senate in Rhode Island, USA.  Watson's video also includes clips of a World War II veteran crying at the state of America today, saying, "that isn't what they died for," in reference to his brothers-in-arms who gave their lives for the USA.

LGBTQ+ Activists as "Educators"

Have you noticed how many LGBTQ+ Activists are working as educators here in the Wyoming State and local education system?  Besides the ones who have been caught in the act of molesting underaged kids and discharged, that is.  Teachers and administrators who favor training children to have sex and to commit sexual intrusion with entities of all genders and ages, with any body part or with instruments of any kind, with or without consent.  A number of their peers have written letters of support to the library including from Canada, Ohio, Wisconsin and "in the south," and these were counted as "local support" by the ALA librarians in Wyoming, USA.  Of particular amusement is the dogma that objections to these materials are based on "conspiracies and lies."  As all literate Americans are aware by now, in real life the objections to those materials are based on vulgar, obscene and profane language (as defined by law), and on descriptions of sex acts and illustrations of sex acts that belong in adult preferred-fetish collections - fetish porn which includes adult-with-child sex acts, fisting, strangulation, golden showers, and group sex.

This Department of Justice document states that queer teachers are 90-100% more likely to engage in sex with their students than heterosexual teachers.  The document is from 1985.  Perhaps that was the last year they paid attention to teachers (which includes librarians according to the ALA) initiating sex with minors.  When did non-discrimination based on sex preference become the same as turning a blind eye to grooming children for sex?

From around the State of Wyoming numerous folks have asked what percentage of child molesters are actually queer.  Who knows?  Even when a sex-offender survey is done, the answer given is not necessarily truthful.  I don't care if they are queer or not, if they are child molesters they should not be allowed to teach school or work in a library.  Child molesters include those who groom children by sharing pornography with them.

LGBTQ+ Activists as "Representatives"

Sara Burlingame, an LGBTQ+ Activist who claims to be queer, is one of 4 candidates running for Wyoming State House of Representatives District 44 - and by "Activist" I mean that Burlingame is the executive director of Wyoming's chapter of LGBTQ+.  They call it "Wyoming Equality," but they aren't interested in Equality.  They continuously try to pass legislation that favors only their fringe minority group.  Sara Burlingame stood up to keep child porn in Wyoming libraries, and all sorts of porn specifically in the Childrens' Sections of Wyoming Libraries.  She told a group of 40+ Wyoming citizens that they get to choose what their community looks like.

It is queer indeed that a group that small has delusions of grandeur that they get to control what a community of 30,000+ looks like. Burlingame is a member of the Cheyenne Police Advisory Committee, while fostering criminal activities to minors across the State of Wyoming.

In 2019 when then-State Representative Scott Clem called Sara Burlingame out for using kids as political pawns, Burlingame did not deny the actions he accused her and her group of taking with kids.  She merely claimed that what he called exploitation of children, she calls advocating for children.  In 2022 Burlingame advocated for children by supporting the Albany County Library's drag queen story hour for kids.   This event was attended by "about 50 people." Burlingame says this is what democracy looks like.  A 100-year-old World War II veteran cried.

LGBTQ+ Activists as "Offenders"

Wyoming ALA librarians have been allowed to foster law violations amongst minor children regarding practicing sex.  How about those hundreds of books that also promote abortion to kids as young as in the 4th grade, presenting that abortion is a natural part of the reproduction process?  Will those books be removed, or will Wyoming continue to allow the Marxist-led ALA to groom Wyoming kids for illegal abuses including sex activities and abortion?  Will LGBTQ+ be allowed to continue to violate children and the law in the name of diversity?

England finally showed equal treatment by outing a lawmaker who committed same-sex sexual misconduct.  The offender subsequently resigned.  Let's see some of that Equality in Wyoming.  Sara Burlingame says she is aware that queer youth are prey to offenders, but it is never reported due to not wanting to out them.  That sounds like an accomplice.

Let's show some real Equality and prosecute Sara Burlingame for the corruption of minors.

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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