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08-22-2022    10:25 AM    OPINION    

Wyoming Requires Voter ID... But Does Not Require Wyoming ID or Proof of Wyoming Residency

This election was very discouraging in some of the really important races.  Then I discovered that, to vote in Wyoming, you don't have to prove residency in Wyoming.  You must present an ID Card ("like a Driver's License") or a Tribal ID issued by any authority.  Since every single American Indian Tribe is its own sovereign nation, why are they allowed to vote in our elections?

That policy also might explain the huge bloc of hardcore leftist voters in Jackson Hole, Laramie, and Cheyenne.  They are most likely hosting voters from Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, and Idaho; just as Gillette hosts voters from South Dakota.

No Comprehensive Impact Study Was Conducted Prior to Deciding to Bring More Than 55,000 Campers to Gillette For A Week In 2024

Don't miss the fact that they'll be returning in 2029 with 65,000, if their population continues to increase as it has historically.

According to Jennifer Toscana, Director of Public Affairs for the City of Gillette, "No comprehensive impact study has been completed regarding the 2024 Camporee event."  Toscana concluded:  "At this time, the City is not tracking staff hours related to the event."

Also interesting:  The Campbell County Board of Commissioners found it necessary to track the cost of providing information when a citizen requested Public Records, and instituted a new Fee Schedule for all future Public Records Requests.  Based on the new Fee Schedule the Commissioners came up with a cost of several thousand dollars for materials and man-hours involved in fulfilling that single Public Records Request.  The same Commissioners have not tracked the materials and man-hours of City and County employees and officials who have been discussing the 2024 International Pathfinder Camporee "for years."

At the Gillette City Council Meeting on August 16th, the City Council voted (in agreement with the Campbell County Board of Commissioners and the Campbell County Land Board) to spend up to $1.5 million tax dollars on the Camporee amphitheater alone.  We already know that they previously allotted an additional $350,000.00 to provide the Camporee with hundreds of Port-A-Potties.

Without an impact study there is no evidence that any profit at all will be generated by this event, even if it does generate the promised $20 million dollars of income.  The best-case scenario may be that Gillette and Campbell County break even after enduring just the 1 week (which they admit to) of disruption of every kind of service and overconsumption of every kind of resource... never mind increased taxes in Gillette and Campbell County to cover the cost of supporting the International Camporee.

I Wrote to Pastor Ron Whitehead, the Executive Director of the International Camporee, For More Information...

This Is Straight From The Horse's Mouth:

Thank you for your observations and questions.

Like you we want only the best for Campbell County and the camporee. That is why we have been planning together now for many years.

See if my information below helps answer your questions and or observations.

1.    The Camporee targeted age group for activities and main stage programing is ages 10-16.

2.    Historically the total participant numbers break down about this way.
1/3.   Ages 1-12. ( ages below 9 are children of adult staff )
1/3.   Ages 13-17.
1/3.   Ages 18 plus.

3.      Hotels are used by event concessions staff , exhibitors , event organizers , local club staff who are older - ages 55 plus , event contractors , event college student staff workers , out of town communication staff from around the world  , international visitors , medical & saftey staff , event insurance personnel , corporate sponsors , main stage speakers & program presenters , etc.

4.     Medical needs overview for the 6 days the camporee is in town with about 55,000 participants from over 100 countries - August 5-11 , 2024 - looks like this.

Most medical needs will be addressed on the Cam-Plex property with about 150 camporee medical staff who are directed by experienced camporee medical administration staff.

5.     Any questions about camporee please feel free to call my cell number and the next time I am in town can I take you out to eat with some of my camporee staff?

All my best !

Pastor Ron W
International Camporee Exective Director

Sara responded:

Greetings Pastor Ron:

Thank you for the response!

I will share this information, although it does little to address the fact that they have been rationing our water in the summertime in Gillette since 2007, so where do we suddenly get enough water for an additional 55000+ individuals per day for a week or more.

If you were trying to sell this to Gillette citizens and to the surrounding communities, instead of just to the leadership, what else would you want me to share?

One of your supporters said there would be 2000 instances of increased traffic per day, but I was unsure if he really meant 2000 people which in buses would be much less of an impact, so I did not mention that.  Historically, how much of an increase in vehicle traffic?

Also, for the month during with the auxiliary personnel are here, how many people are we expecting for that longer period of time?  Also, which is it, we will be greatly impacted for one week or for two?

Thanks so much.
--Sara Painter

First Pastor Ron Replied to My Additional Questions:

Greetings again Sara.

Thank you for your follow up questions and more observations.

Here are a few reminders & facts about the camporee that you may find interesting.

1.       As you may know the August 5-11 , 2024 International camporee with about 55,000 participants from over 100 countries takes place once every 5 years.

2.        The August 5-11 , 2024 International camporee is about two years away this month and lasts for 6 days.

3.       Because the vast majority of pathfinders will be camping in tents & cooking at Cam-Plex historically the water impact on the community is minimum for the numbers camping for 6 days ; once every 5 years.

4.      You are correct . Traffic will increase in Gillitte and surrounding communities just like other major sporting events ; such as but not limited to the National High School Rodeo Finals.

A.     When my local community here in Berrien Springs , Michigan has our Berrien County Youth Fair ( lasts 7 days ) or University graduations ( lasts up to 5 days ) or University Alumni long weekends ( lasts 3 days ) or RV Shows at our County Fair Grounds , etc. our traffic really picks up and our regular eating places are full of new people and our grocery stores run short of some items and we experience long check out lines. I expect the same challenge's in Gillitte, Wyoming in 2024 as we experience here in my home town.

B.      I have noticed and maybe you have also noticed that when large and small events come to any community around the world the traffic always increases and food & beverage supplies are impacted.

C.      The good news about traffic for the international camporee coming to Gillitte , Wyoming in 2024 is this. The busiest 4 days of traffic will be:

1.      Monday , August 5 from 6 am to 2 am.

2.    Tuesday , August 6 from 6 am until 9 pm.

3.    Saturday night August 10 after 9 pm through Sunday , August 11 , 9 am.

4.    By 12 noon on Sunday , August 11 about 95 % of all pathfinders will be gone from Cam-Plex and Campbell County.

D.      Here is a fun vehicle fact : Most pathfinder club vehicles ( but not all ) will be parked for the entire camporee in one spot , by there campground , from Monday night August 6 at 9 pm until Saturday night August 10 at 9 pm.

E.     The camporee will be using over 70 busses to shuttle pathfinders to all offsite ( off Cam-Plex grounds ) activities such as but not limited to community service projects , grocery shopping , activities , community parade , etc.

5.   For set up week Sunday , July 28 to Sunday , August 4 , 2024 there will be a crew of about 3,000 to 5,000 setting up and about a 300 to 500 taking down Sunday , August 11 to Thursday , August 15 , 2024.

6.   Once again I would be happy to speak to you by my cell phone or on zoom or in person the next time I am in Gillitte , Wyoming.

I want you and everyone else fully informed what the camporee is or is not - lol.

Would you be willing to help us find more community service projects ?

If yes o would love to hear your brain storm ideas.

I thank you for your questions and observations and I hope the information I have provides has offered you some information that is helpful.

Just keep in mind that the information I gave you today Friday , August 19 , 2022 is what I know today but a few things may change some in two years but not much.

All my best as we seek to support Gillitte , Wyoming and Campbell County.

Pastor Ron W
Exective Director , International Camporee

Then Pastor Ron Sent A Follow-Up Letter After Receiving A Copy Of My Letter Dated 8-19-2022:

Good Sunday morning to you Sara

So sorry to bother you.

Thank you for sending me your 9-19-2022 email blast that went out at 9:25 am BEFORE i answered your important questions later that same Friday.

If i may i would like to share a few thoughts.

Some of the detailed information i sent you this past Friday , August 19 , 2022 at 3:12 pm and 9:54 pm is not included in your August 19 , 2022 at 9:25 am email blast about the camporee.

Are you planing to send out a revised email blast from you about the camporee this weekend ?

No pressure from me for you to send out a revised camporee email blast with the new camporee details i gave you on Friday , August 19 , 2022 at 3:12 pm and 9:54 pm. but i would like to know your camporee communication plans to correct some of the August 19 , 9:25 am camporee email blast information.

Thank you for your consideration.

Have a good Sunday.
international camporee
exective director.
August 5-11, 2024,

After Receiving Both of Those, Sara Replied:

Good Sunday morning to you, Pastor Ron.

I almost answered your last email - you did not give me more info than I wanted, and in fact not as much as I wanted, but I appreciated your responses at all and wanted to let you have the last word.

I was considering sending new information when I asked you the specific questions, but I didn't feel that the responses (although complete and detailed) fully addressed my questions about (for example) how many vehicles to expect on the roads (besides 70 buses) which is a major concern for our community.  How many support personnel would be here for two weeks prior to and two weeks after the event itself.  The impact of water usage for 55,000+ people would be significant for one day in a city that rations water in the summer months, so for a week is not minimal.  I understand your job is to spin it to make it look like an impactless event except for the groceries and gas.  Have no interest in beating you over the head about it.

"i would like to know your camporee communication plans to correct"  What did you think needed to be corrected?

I didn't think the breakdown in ages was that different from what went out on 8-19-2022, or that there was new or specific information that would warrant a new letter.

I have asked for a copy of the impact study that was done prior to deciding to bring the International Camporee to Gillette and Campbell County, and I figured when I had that information (if a study was not done, that is important to know as well), if a new letter was warranted, I would write one then adding in some of the information you provided as well.

Incidentally, an earlier article by the local news paper said it would be a two week event.  The officials promoting the event say take a two week vacation.  Why are they saying take two weeks if the impact is limited to a 6 day event?  We have well-documented reasons to not trust our city and county leadership.  Giving honest answers would go a long way, but instead they just don't have the details.  No one has the details.

I have truly appreciated your correspondences.  Thank you so much, and God Bless.
--Sara Painter


So sorry I forgot to mention.  The Executive Director of the Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau stated that the attendees were ages 5-11.  It took some angling at her before she admitted teenagers might be in the group.  She then stated that the organization told her that if there were (for example) 30,000 children, there would be 30,000 adults.  That is in a recorded phone call if it comes down to a dispute of the facts of what she said.

She was an incredibly intelligent, well-spoken, forthright individual and it was a pleasure speaking with her.  But don't you question the intelligence when they shrug their shoulders and say, Gee, of course we don't have the staffing necessary, but we'll get through it.

After figuring out that your attendance will be more like 60,000 based on historical growth, I can only wonder if you all know it will be 60,000+ and are minimizing it by saying 55,000+.  Like it being a 2 week event now being minimized to a 1 week event.  As if the impact will be limited to the time the group is here.

Nothing riles me up more than public lies.  Just tell us the truth so we know what we'll be dealing with.  Knowing is half the battle.

Pastor Ron:

My attempt to answer your specific follow up questions as outlined in todays Sunday , August 21 , 10:57 am email to me.

1.     Camporee Vehicle Question :
A.   " how many vehicles are expected on the roads " ?

2.     Camporee Vehicle Traffic / Set Up Week / July 28 - August 4 , 2024. ( 7 days not 14 days as you presented ).
A.    At this time there is plans to have under 150 people in Gillitte , Wyoming for two weeks before the camporee begins 6 am Monday , August 5 , 2022. I am not sure where you got the idea that there will be thousands of camporee people in Gillitte Wyoming two weeks before camporee set up week , July 28 - August 4 , 2022. I am sorry you found this incorrect information somewhere. Thank you for asking me about the camporee set up plans. Please correct this two week set up miss information with everyone you communicate with. Thank you for your help.

3.     More Set Up Week information that you may value - Set Up Week ( that is one week ) will be run with adult volinteer staff ( and there children / youth - contractors - and adult camp staff , etc. from Sunday , July 28 to Sunday , August 4 , 2024. ( 7 days ). As for a vehicle estimate number  I suggest this ; I gave you the estimated set up people numbers in one of the two Friday , August 19 , 2022 emails two days ago. You can estimate or guess the number of vehicles needed to move these people numbers as easy as me. I do not have a specific vehicle number.

4.   Camporee Vehicle Traffic - What is Camporee Week ( that is 6 days ) - Monday , August 5-11 , 2024 vehicle numbers.
A.     Once again I have no specific vehicle numbers to give you about camporee week ( 6 days ) but I did go into great detail about how camporee week runs and gave you a overview about traffic when a large event comes to my or any town in the world. LOL . Every time I go to a large event like the Indy 500 or a Concert or Fair I have to be patient with the added tragic.
B.     Please look at my two Friday , August 19 , 2022 emails to see my vehicle traffic over overview thoughts.
C.     We can talk more about vehicle traffic during different weeks when we meet if you wish.

4.    Camporee Vehicle Traffic will be 98% gone by Sunday noon August 11 , 2024.
A.     As I pointed out in my Friday , August 19 , 2022 two emails ; Pathfinders start to drive away from camporee in mass on Saturday night ( see specific Cam-Plex campground exit time estimated in Friday‚Äôs email ) - all night - August 10 , 2024 until 98% of them will be gone by 12 noon on Sunday , August 11 , 2024. ( if not before )

5.     Camporee Vehicle Traffic / Take down after camporee is over dates are August 11-14 or 11-16 , 2024.
A.   The camporee city comes down very fast. I am not sure who told you it takes 2 weeks to take down the camporee ? It only takes 3 to 5 days max. I hope this is helpful ?

I have to run now - family time today - taking my grand son fishing - yea !

You have a good Sunday also .

Sara's response:

Thank you, and enjoy your weekend!  I will send out YOUR information after I get the report on the impact study.

A number of citizens have discussed "pulling bonds" on the elected leadership who have failed on so many levels.  Has it come to that?

Thank you for reading. The purpose of my campaigns is to highlight corruption and to get assistance from anyone who is able and willing to help return Gillette and Campbell County and Wyoming to American Ideals, and hopefully a culture that applies the law equally to all citizens regardless of position or social class. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making and have already made. Please forward to everyone that you know who might be interested in the information I share. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

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